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Die Hard Scenes 1-2

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Scenes 1-2

Scenes 1-2

Scene 1

  • A plane lands noisily on a tarmac and we cut to the cabin. A businessy-looking dude tells his seat partner—who happens to be Bruce Willis—how to deal with fear of flying: once you get where you're going, you take your shoes and socks off, walk around on the carpet, and make fists with your toes.
  • As the man played by Bruce Willis—whom we will henceforth refer to as John McClane—grabs his bag from the overhead, the businessman notices a gun on McClane's belt. "It's okay," he says, "I'm a cop."

Scene 2

  • Cut to a rather classy looking shindig at a swanky office. There's classical music playing, and a Japanese businessman makes a speech to the crowd of gathered corporate stooges.
  • He thanks them for a great year, and wishes them a Merry Christmas. As it turns out, it's Christmas Eve.
  • We learn this useful, scene-setting tidbit from Holly, who's looking very busy and important carrying a bunch of papers down a nearby hallway while the party parties on. She's being hit on by a smarmy, bearded dude named Harry. And she is not buying what he's selling.
  • As she walks into her office, she tells her pregnant secretary to go join the party.
  • Holly calls home. She's got two kiddos being watched over by a nanny—a young girl named Lucy and her little brother John (junior, we can only assume).
  • Lucy asks her mom, "Is Daddy coming home with you?" Holly dodges the question. She then asks her nanny whether Mr. McClane has called. No dice.

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