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Die Hard Scenes 19-20

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Scenes 19-20

Scenes 19-20

Scene 19

  • We're back at the news studio. The reporter—whose name is Richard Thornburg—is begging his producer let him head to the scene.
  • It's his story and he's going after it.
  • Meanwhile, the on-air news anchor proceeds with the evening news as usual.
  • Thornburg gets a truck. He's headed for Nakatomi Plaza.

Scene 20

  • Karl returns from his recon mission and reports to Gruber: Marco and Heinrich are both dead, and Heinrich's bag is missing.
  • That's a problem for our Villain-in-Chief. See, Heinrich's bag had the detonators in it. Remember all those explosives on the roof?
  • Gruber radios Theo, who's hard at work cracking the vault. He wants an update on the schedule.
  • They've gotten through three locks. Only four to go.
  • Meanwhile, Officer Powell is trying to hail McClane on the radio.
  • McClane responds, but warns Powell that "This is a party line, and the neighbor's got itchy trigger fingers." Translation? The bad guys are listening in.
  • He tells Powell that they've got about 30 hostages up on the 30th floor, and that the Bad Dude in Charge is named Hans.
  • Hans, listening in, tells his cronies to go find McClane and the bag. He needs those detonators.
  • McClane slinks around the 33rd floor, all while giving Powell the deets. He knows the so-called terrorists are Europeans, but that's about it.
  • All he really knows is that he's "got some badass perpetrators, and they're here to stay."
  • He tells McClane to sit tight, and asks him what he should call him.
  • McClane's response: "Call me… Roy."

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