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Die Hard Scenes 25-26

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Scenes 25-26

Scenes 25-26

Scene 25

  • McClane and Powell chat over the radio. We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • Gruber interrupts the love fest to tell McClane he knows who he is.
  • The reporters listening in hear the name and decide to investigate this "McClane" dude.
  • Gruber puts Harry on the phone, who chats up McClane as if they're old friends.
  • All buddy-buddy-like, he tells McClane to stand down.
  • McClane knows this means bad news for hairy Harry. He tells him to fess up to Gruber that they barely know each other. He's trying to save his life.
  • After a bit more discussion, Gruber shoots Harry, much to McClane's distress.
  • But there's no way he's giving up the detonators.

Scene 26

  • Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson is pissed again. He thinks McClane allowed Hairy Harry to be killed.
  • Powell's all, dude, do you not see what's going on here?
  • Hans interrupts with a somewhat menacing message over the radio: he wants a bunch of "comrades-in-arms" all over the world freed. He lists off a bunch of separatist groups and demands that the cops free their members.
  • But it's clearly a load of crap. He's simply distracting the police and furthering his own plan. Once again we're reminded that the dude is all about the dough.
  • Hans checks in with Theo. Only one more lock to go before they hit number seven.
  • Meanwhile, McClane radios Powell, and they both agree that Hans is slinging a whole lot of horse manure.

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