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Die Hard Scenes 27-28

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Scenes 27-28

Scenes 27-28

Scene 27

  • The FBI arrives. Agent Johnson and Agent Johnson—"no relation"—are going to take over for Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson. The feds are on the case.
  • Meanwhile, Hans is on the roof, checking out the explosives.
  • John happens upon him, and Hans pretends to be a hostage who was trying to escape. He puts on the strangest attempt at an American accent we've heard in quite a while.
  • John tells Hans to stick with him if he wants to live, and the two make their way down from the roof.
  • Meanwhile, on the ground, Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson briefs the FBI agents. Powell tells them they've got an ally in the building—John McClane.
  • John and Hans share a smoke and a chat while we bite our nails from all the tension and suspense.
  • John hands Hans a handgun to protect himself. Uh oh.
  • But it's cool, y'all. When Hans pulls the gun on John, whose back is turned, it's quickly revealed that the gun has no bullets.
  • "Oops."
  • John's smug attitude doesn't last long when some bad guys arrive in the elevator. A gunfight ensues, while John hides behind some computers.
  • Hans knows John's barefoot, so he advises his cronies to shoot the glass windows, surrounding our hero with a bunch of razor-sharp shards.
  • As he makes his escape, his feet get torn to shreds.
  • Oh, and Hans has the detonators once again.

Scene 28

  • Hans arrives back on the 30th floor and tosses the detonators to one of his minions and tells him to get to work.
  • Karl, angry as all get-out, beats up a drink cart with the butt of his machine gun.
  • Holly takes heart—she knows "only John can drive somebody that crazy," which means he's still alive and kicking.
  • And speaking of John, he's dragging himself into the bathroom, bleeding profusely from the foot.
  • As he rinses his feet, Powell radios him. John tells him he's waxed two more bad guys.
  • They banter some more, and then the conversation turns serious.
  • John wonders why Powell's a desk jockey, since he's clearly got street smarts.
  • Powell confesses that he took himself off the streets because he shot a kid, toting a toy gun. He couldn't bring himself to draw his gun on anybody again.
  • After their heart-to-heart, Powell then tells John that the feds are in charge. Dun dun dun.

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