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Die Hard Scenes 29-30

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Scenes 29-30

Scenes 29-30

Scene 29

  • Hans and Theo spy on the goings on outside, and they see the FBI approaching.
  • Hans tells Theo that, "like clockwork," the FBI is going to shut off power to the building.
  • Theo has an a-ha moment. So this is how they're going to get through that tricky seventh lock on the vault. Basically, the FBI is going to do it for them.
  • And of course, he's right. The FBI agents command a poor, beleaguered public works officer to cut the power, under threat of his job.
  • The vault opens, to the tune of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," and the bad guys bask in the glow of $640 million.

Scene 30

  • While the bad guys pack up the bearer bonds, agents Johnson and Johnson call for air support. They're gonna bring in helicopters.
  • Hans plans to blow the roof when the helicopters land, taking out the FBI guys, and making room for their escape.
  • Meanwhile, John radios Powell and asks him to tell his wife that he's sorry he was such a straight-up jerk to her, but he gets it now.
  • Powell promises, but also tells John to watch his six, and he'll be outta there in no time.
  • "That's up to the man upstairs," John tells Powell.
  • And hey, that's got him thinking. What was Hans doing upstairs anyway?

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