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Die Hard Scenes 3-4

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Scenes 3-4

Scenes 3-4

Scene 3

  • McClane shuffles through the busy airport, scoffing at the La-La-land locals.
  • He finds a besuited dude holding a sign with his name on it, and introduces himself. It's his limo-driver, Argyle.
  • On their way to Nakatomi Plaza, McClane and Argyle discuss McClane's failing marriage. It's made all the more awkward by the fact that McClane's riding shotgun. In a stretch limo.
  • McClane tells Argyle his wife moved out west for a great job, and McClane didn't come with because he's a New York cop, and he's very committed to his job.
  • When they arrive at Nakatomi, Argyle promises to wait for him in the parking garage, in case McClane and his wife don't make nice and he needs a ride to the hotel.

Scene 4

  • McClane walks into the lobby of Nakatomi Plaza. It's absolutely deserted, except for the security guard at the front desk, who tells McClane to look up Holly on the computerized directory.
  • That's when McClane discovers she's gone back to using her maiden name: Holly Gennero. Oof.
  • Up McClane goes in the elevator, whistling "Jingle Bells" and looking nonchalant.
  • Meanwhile, Argyle parks his stretch in the garage.
  • The elevator doors open and McClane is immediately handed a glass of champagne. This is one classy party. He takes one sip, sneers, and pops it back on a passing tray. We're guessing he's more of a whiskey man.
  • He walks up to the same Japanese businessman who gave a speech earlier, who reveals himself to be Mr. Takagi—the boss of the operation.
  • Takagi walks McClane back to Holly's office, which is occupado by Harry, who is snorting cocaine off of Holly's desk.
  • Holly walks in and seems happy to see McClane, but it's about as awkward as you'd expect a reunion between estranged spouses to be.
  • Harry tells Holly to show McClane her fancy new watch, which she got for being awesome at her job. "It's a Rolex," he says. "You're a smarmy jerk," we say in our heads.
  • Cut to a truck approaching the building. It's labeled Pacific Courier.
  • Holly and McClane are chatting in the bathroom. McClane's washing up, and he's stripped down to his undershirt.
  • Things seem to be going okay for the couple—Holly offers her spare bedroom for his stay, and tells him she's missed him.
  • McClane blows the gesture by bringing up the name change, and things go south from there. Couple's therapy anyone?
  • Holly's secretary bursts in the door, interrupting their argument. Apparently, Takagi wants Holly to make a speech to the "troops." McClane, meanwhile, kicks himself for being a jerk to her.

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