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Die Hard Scenes 33-34

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Scenes 33-34

Scenes 33-34

Scene 33

  • John's back on the 30th floor, desperate to find his wife, while explosions rain down around him.
  • An elevator blows up. For no apparent reason. Because Die Hard.
  • He hears his wife screaming, spies some packing tape, and makes a plan.
  • Meanwhile, Argyle, who's just chilling in his limo, sees Theo driving an ambulance in the parking garage. This is his big chance to stand up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. He guns it, rams the ambulance with his limo, and punches out a discombobulated Theo, taking him out once and for all.
  • We cut back to the 30th floor. John limps his way toward Hans, barefoot, barechested, and bleeding.
  • Hans holds a gun on Holly, telling John to drop his weapon.
  • John puts his hands up.
  • But he's got an ace up his sleeve: his Beretta, taped to his back.
  • He takes out Hans and his henchman, but there's just one hitch.
  • Hans isn't dead, and he's still hanging onto Holly. As Hans dangles from her wrist, John fights to get her free.
  • It all hinges on Holly's swanky new Rolex. John manages to unhook the clasp and Hans falls to his death—in slow motion of course.
  • Cue hugging and kissing and all that hero-heroine jazz.

Scene 34

  • The hostages emerge from the building while papers float down around them. Holly and John are wrapped in blankets and looking a bit shell-shocked.
  • In the distance, McClane sees Powell, and they exchange a meaningful, manly stare.
  • John walks up, and the two hug. He introduces Powell to his wife, "Holly Gennero." She corrects him: "Holly McClane."
  • Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson comes charging up in a huge huff, but he's interrupted by a very angry, very bloody, very blond Karl.
  • He escaped from the chains, has a machine gun, and is out for Revenge.
  • As he aims at John and Holly, he's taken down by several gunshots—from Powell's sidearm.
  • That's when Argyle comes barreling out of the parking garage, ready to take John and Holly home.
  • As they head to the limo, Richard Thornburg attempts to question Holly and John on camera. Recognizing him from TV, when she saw him talking to her kids, Holly decks him, much to everyone's delight.
  • The (newly) happy couple climb into Argyle's limo, share a kiss, and drive off into LA's smoggy twilight, to the tune of Vaughn Monroe's "Let It Snow."

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