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Die Hard Scenes 5-6

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Scenes 5-6

Scenes 5-6

Scene 5

  • The Pacific Courier truck, and an accompanying Mercedes sedan arrive at Nakatomi Plaza. A very blond man and Walker, Texas Ranger's sidekick come into the lobby. Blondie shoots the security guard, and his buddy gets on the horn: "We're in," he says.
  • The Pacific Courier truck pulls into the loading bay in the parking garage and out of the back come pouring a stream of bad looking dudes. Their leader? A well dressed, well groomed, Alan Rickman.
  • We cut to the security office, in which the black man who entered in the sedan is hacking the building's elevators. Everything is shut down except the 30th floor.
  • Big Bad and his many cronies arrive in the lobby, and that's when things start to move pretty fast. One of his henchman dons the dead security guard's jacket and takes over the vest.
  • The black man heads with Big Bad—whose name, we learn later, is Hans Gruber—into the elevators, while another furiously blond dude makes his way through the building, reciting directions to himself in German. He's headed for a wiring console, and starts doing his thing.

Scene 6

  • McClane's in Holly's carpeted bathroom, socks off, making fists with his toes. He can't believe it: it actually works.
  • Meanwhile, Blond #2 is still doing his thing with the wires.
  • McClane calls Argyle and tells him to sit tight: "The vote's not in yet" on whether or not his wife will let him stay with her and the kids.
  • Blond #1 comes down to where Blond #2 is working his wiring magic and just starts hacking away with a chainsaw.
  • There go the phones.

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