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Die Hard Scenes 7-8

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Scenes 7-8

Scenes 7-8

Scene 7

  • Big Bad and his many minions exit the elevator on floor 30. Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" is playing. They've got some serious firepower with them.
  • We cut to McClane, who's still trying to get the phone to work. Machinegun fire rat-a-tat-tats, and he immediately goes for his Beretta.
  • He sneaks a peak out the office door and sees total chaos. There are men with machine guns, and they appear to be herding everyone into the atrium.
  • Holly's out there. Uh oh.
  • While the gunmen search the offices, Holly and Takagi look more than a little freaked out to find themselves in a hostage situation.
  • McClane hightails it for the stairs.
  • Floor 31? More minions.
  • Floor 32? Construction. This'll do. He tries a phone. It's dead.

Scene 8

  • The hostages are contained in the atrium, and Hans Gruber makes his first grand speech. He tells them all that Nakatomi Corporation is super greedy, and he's going to teach them all a lesson.
  • But first, he needs to find Takagi, about whom, he apparently knows everything.
  • Takagi reveals himself, and the gunmen take him away.
  • McClane's still casing the building. Floor 33, computers.
  • In the elevator, Gruber complements Takagi on his stylish suit.
  • On floor 35, McClane sees more gunmen with a rocket launcher. Well, this can't be good.
  • Gruber herds Takagi into a swanky looking room with scale models of the Nakatomi Corporation's international projects.
  • He leads Takagi to Theo, who wants the poor old guy to give him a computer access code. Takagi swears he doesn't have it.
  • Needless to say, that information does not go over well.
  • As it turns out, Gruber wants the code so he can steal $640 million worth of negotiable bearer bonds that are locked in Takagi's vault.
  • "You want money? What kind of terrorists are you?" asks Takagi.
  • "Who said we were terrorists?" Gruber retorts. Yep, this one ain't about politics, Shmoopers. It's about good old-fashioned bread.
  • Gruber threatens Takagi, who still won't play. He says he'll count to three, and if Takagi doesn't cave by then, well you can guess what happens next.
  • Mere seconds later, Takagi's done for.
  • McClane, hiding nearby, is horrified. As he tries to escape, he makes a noise, sending the two blond gunmen after him.
  • Gruber asks Theo if he can break the code. Yep.

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