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Die Hard Scenes 9-10

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Scenes 9-10

Scenes 9-10

Scene 9

  • A few more henchmen are climbing around the roof of the building. We're not sure what they're up to yet, bit they've got a whole lot of yellow cord and not a lot of scruples. Hmm. Looks like they're rigging some explosives.
  • Meanwhile, Theo and Gruber are headed for the vault.
  • It's a beast, and has seven levels of protection. Theo swears he can crack the first six locks, but the seventh? No can do. The circuits can't be cut locally.
  • Gruber's all over it. "Trust me," he says.

Scene 10

  • McClane's kicking himself for letting Takagi get killed, but he knows he couldn't have done anything. He's clearly trying to work out some kind of plan.
  • So what's he do? Pull the fire alarm, of course.
  • It's not a bad idea, because of course it means the cops and the fire department will head their way.
  • But it also lets Gruber know that there's someone else in the building—someone he didn't plan for.
  • The henchman at the security desk calls the alarm off, and McClane's left desperate on the 32nd floor, with a tall blond man in the world's tightest sweatpants (his name is Tony) after him.
  • Oh, and Mr. Sweatpants? He's toting a rather large machine gun.
  • He taunts McClane in a German accent, chases him down, and a brutal fight ensues.
  • Who wins? Who do you think?
  • McClane sends Tony's body down the elevator, after stealing his radio, lighter, and gun.

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