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Dirty Dancing Fandoms

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It would be a sad world if Dirty Dancing didn't have fans. But it does.

Two big fans are Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin, who performed the iconic ending dance on Dancing with the Stars in 2015 (source). (Unofficial video BUT IT'S AMAZING). Baby herself, Jennifer Grey, showed up to offer Bindi some tips on performing the lift.

Yes, the lift. Nobody puts Bindi in a corner.

You can dance with the stars yourself (depending on your definition of star) when the Dirty Dancing musical tour comes to your hometown. And if you don't know how to dance, no problem. The Edge School of the Arts in Queens not only screened the film, they paired their screening with samba and rumba lessons in May 2016. Now if only they'd teach us whether to say "sahmba" or "sam-ba" and "rum-ba" or "Roomba."

Finally, if you don't want to dance but only watch it or read about it, there are over 150 stories about Dirty Dancing on Will Johnny and Baby stay together? Will Baby return to Kellerman's? What about the dancers from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?

Yes, there's even fanfic based on the terrible prequel, proving that on the internet, there is something for everyone.

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