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Dirty Dancing Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • On a rainy afternoon two days away from the show, Johnny yells at Baby when she messes up a step.
  • She reminds him, "I'm doing all this to save your ass." She's frustrated that he won't show her the lifts.
  • They leave the dance studio.
  • Johnny locked his keys in the car, so he uses a pylon to break the window and get inside.
  • The sun comes out as Johnny drives them to a river.
  • He shows Baby how to balance on a log. It's Dancing with the Stars meets Lumberjack World Championship.
  • They then try to practice a lift in a field and end up falling into the grass. Cute.
  • Time to relocate to the lake, the best place to practice lifts.
  • It doesn't hurt as much to faceplant in the water as it does in the field.

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