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Dirty Dancing Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • The Housemans silently eats breakfast the next morning.
  • There's a talent show tomorrow, but daddy says they're leaving early.
  • Lisa's upset because she was planning to sing in the show.
  • Dad won't say why he wants to leave early. Under the hot gazes of his wife and two daughters, dad caves and decides to stay.
  • Baby runs to Penny's cabin to check on her.
  • She's doing well, and she tells Baby she can still have children.
  • Johnny arrives to check on her, too. They tell Penny their dance last night went well.
  • From the way Johnny and Baby are acting, Penny can tell that they did more than dance the mambo.
  • Baby leaves, and Penny accuses Johnny of "getting mixed up" with Baby. She tells him to stop it.
  • Johnny leaves Penny's room, and Baby's waiting outside.
  • He tells her he can't hang around. He has a dance lesson to give.
  • But Baby gives him a look, and without words she tells him – and us – that they're going to be together again soon.

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