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Dirty Dancing Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • While Lisa practices for the talent show, lonely housewife Vivian flirts with Johnny.
  • Viv tells Johnny she has "something worked out" for them on her last night.
  • Her husband soon pays Johnny a hundred smackers for some extra dance lessons.
  • Johnny tells him that he's booked for the whole weekend. No time for limbo with Viv.
  • After her number, Lisa tells Baby that tonight's the night with Robbie.
  • Baby tries to talk her out of it, but Lisa doesn't listen.
  • Lisa visits Robbie's cabin, where she finds out he's already booked.
  • Ignoring the towel on the doorknob, Lisa opens the door and sees him in bed with Vivian.
  • We didn't know Robbie gave dance lessons, too.
  • In bed with Baby, Johnny says he had a dream that her father accepted him.
  • Um, in bed with your girlfriend is not the right time to tell her you were dreaming about her dad.
  • Doing the walk of shame from Robbie's cabin, Vivian sees Baby and Johnny together.
  • The jealous cougar looks like she's cooking up a plan.

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