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Dirty Dancing Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • At breakfast, Kellerman and Neil mention that Mr. Pressman's wallet was stolen.
  • Vivian blamed Johnny, and Kellerman asked Johnny for an alibi.
  • He said he was alone in his room reading.
  • Baby says that she knows Johnny didn't do it, but she won't say how she knows.
  • She asks her dad to trust her again, but he won't do it.
  • Baby blames the Schumachers for stealing the wallets, because when the old broad dropped her purse, she had a couple of wallets inside.
  • Dad gets mad at Baby for blaming innocent people.
  • So Baby must tell the truth: she was with Johnny all night, so he couldn't have taken the wallet.
  • Dad goes to brood by himself by the lake. His Baby isn't his baby anymore.
  • Baby apologizes for lying, but she tells him that he was lying, too.
  • "You told me everyone was alike and deserved a fair break," she says.
  • But he didn't extend the same courtesy to Johnny.
  • She tells her dad that if he loves her, he has to love everything about her.
  • She apologizes for letting him down, but tells him, "you let me down, too."
  • Dad, all sensitive but manly, cries by the lake.

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