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Dirty Dancing Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Johnny finds Baby sleeping in his cabin.
  • He has good news: it actually was the Schumachers stealing wallets. Never trust anyone over 70.
  • Johnny has bad news, too: he was fired anyway for sleeping with a guest.
  • Before he leaves, Johnny apologizes to Baby's dad for causing trouble in their relationship.
  • But dad doesn't want to hear it. He thinks Johnny is bad news. Johnny decides to leave.
  • He puts his stuff in his car and says bye bye, Baby.
  • He gives her a goodbye kiss and drives away in his Chevy.
  • Upset in her room, Baby's comforted by her sister.
  • Making this all weirdly meta is the soundtrack, which plays "She's Like the Wind," a song by Patrick Swayze.
  • If he's the one leaving, isn't he like the wind?

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