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Dirty Dancing Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • It's the night of the talent show, although judging by the opening number, this is going to be like the worst episode of America's Got Talent ever.
  • Robbie, looking extra smarmy in his plaid jacket, enters the auditorium.
  • Baby's dad gives him a letter of recommendation to medical school, and Robbie thanks him for helping with "the Penny situation."
  • Dad now realizes it was Robbie who got Penny pregnant and abandoned her, not Johnny.
  • He snatches back the letter of recommendation.
  • Baby sits in the corner and watches the show.
  • An unexpected guest arrives: Johnny Castle.
  • He walks over to Baby's table and says, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," even though, let's be real, it's a pretty good seat.
  • Johnny can't take this lame musical number for a second longer.
  • He brings Baby on stage and lets the audience know that he always does the last dance of the season.
  • This year, he's going to do it his way, with a terrific partner: "Miss Frances Houseman."
  • That doesn't roll off the tongue the way "Baby" does.

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