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Dirty Dancing Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Billy cues the music: "Time of My Life."
  • And it's time for one of the most iconic dances in movies.
  • Oh, just watch it.
  • Our favorite lyric: "Hey, Baby!" Because, Baby.
  • Johnny leads an army of dancers up and down the aisles before beckoning Baby to join him.
  • She leaps off stage, and they do the lift. THE lift. You know the one.
  • Even Baby's parents are impressed.
  • The dancing's contagious; everyone in the room starts busting a move.
  • Johnny leads Baby from the auditorium.
  • Before they leave, Baby's dad approaches Johnny and apologizes for being wrong about him.
  • The Housemans are one big happy family again.
  • We thought Johnny and Baby were leaving, but they return to the dance floor to finish off the song.
  • And boy do they finish it off, with a romantic kiss.
  • The end.

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