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Dirty Dancing Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Baby is sawed in half in a magic show and given a chicken as a reward.
  • Newman does some bad stand-up, and Baby leaves the auditorium.
  • She bumps into Billy, who's carrying some watermelons. She offers to help. Why is she always helping him carry things?
  • He takes her up to the staff house, where a rollicking party is happening.
  • There's a lot of thigh, butt, and cleavage on display in this dance party.
  • This must be what they mean by dirty dancing.
  • Baby's a little intimidated by all the dirtiness. Or maybe she just doesn't want to drop her watermelon.
  • Johnny Castle and Penny show up. They're like Kesha: the party don't start 'til they walk in.
  • Billy tells Baby that Johnny's his cousin.
  • Either Billy's hiding something, or the dance skills must not be genetic.
  • More importantly, Billy tells Baby that Johnny and Penny aren't a couple. They're partners only on the dance floor.
  • Billy introduces Johnny to Baby, who only has one thing to say: "I carried a watermelon."
  • The perfect first words to a hot guy.
  • Johnny isn't put off by the talk about large fruit. He brings Baby to the dance floor for a little lesson.
  • It involves more pelvic thrusting than "The Time Warp."
  • Baby is a little flushed after the dance. She's forgotten all about that watermelon.

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