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Dirty Dancing Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The next day, Baby tries on some wigs for fun while her sister, Lisa, flirts with Ronnie.
  • Baby approaches Penny and tells her that she's a wonderful dancer.
  • Penny says she never had a choice; her mother kicked her out when she was sixteen.
  • Penny isn't too keen for a friendly chat, and she leaves.
  • That night, the Houseman family attends a dance at the gazebo.
  • Johnny dances with an older woman named Vivian, whom Kellerman labels as a "bungalow bunny." What's her favorite dance, the bungalow bunny hop?
  • Someone's missing at the gazebo, in addition to Vivian's husband.
  • Penny isn't there, and Neil demands to know where she is.
  • Johnny says she's just taking a break.
  • Neil takes Baby away from the gazebo to hang out by the lake.
  • "I'm known as the catch of the county," brags Neil.
  • While he's boasting about his wealth, Lisa and Robbie stagger out of the woods.
  • Lisa's mad that Robbie was too aggressive, but neither Baby nor Neil step in.
  • All that sexual aggression makes Neil hungry, and he invites Baby to the kitchens.

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