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Dirty Dancing Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • In the kitchen, Baby sees Penny crying in the corner.
  • She gets Neil out of the kitchen and runs to tell Johnny that Penny's upset.
  • Johnny and Baby return to the kitchen with Billy.
  • Billy tells Baby that Penny is "knocked up."
  • Johnny says it's not his baby, Baby.
  • On the kitchen floor, Johnny comforts Penny.
  • He picks her up and carries her from the kitchen back to the dancer's cabin.
  • Baby tells Penny there's got to be a way to work things out.
  • Penny doesn't think so. "You know what, Baby? You don't know s*** about my problems."
  • She tells Baby that Robbie is the father, and she needs $250 for an abortion.
  • Baby doesn't see why this is a problem. Robbie has the money, right?
  • Oh he has plenty of money, but he's lacking in the compassion department. He won't lend Penny the money.
  • Penny sneers, "Go back to your playpen, Baby." And take your rattle with you.

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