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Dirty Dancing Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Baby tells her dad that someone is "in trouble" and she asks for $250.
  • He agrees to loan her the money, even though she won't tell him why. What a guy.
  • Baby heads up to the dirty dancing shack to find Penny.
  • Johnny makes fun of Baby for asking her daddy for the money.
  • Penny won't take it, because she needs to perform a show at another resort on Thursday, the only day she can get an appointment.
  • Baby wonders why no one else can fill in.
  • Johnny taunts her, asking if she wants to do it.
  • Billy thinks that's a good idea.
  • Johnny clarifies that his comment was a joke. "She cannot do it."
  • Oh yeah? From the look on Baby's face, we can tell she wants to prove him wrong.

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