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Dirty Dancing Principles

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Whether it's a politician, a business executive, or something other person in a position of power, if that person doesn't have principles, they're considered "dirty." From that definition, you'd think Dirty Dancing might be about a bunch of corrupt elites bumping and grinding in a filthy back room. That is not a movie we want to see. Or is it? It would definitely get a lot of ratings for TMZ.

In Dirty Dancing the dancing itself is different than what most of the guests at Kellerman's are used to, so it gets labeled "dirty. So do the people who do it. But as Baby learns when she stops simply observing and decides to dance a mile in their kitten heels, the dancers might actually have principles more in line with hers.

Questions About Principles

  1. What cause does Baby believe in most?
  2. Robbie has different beliefs than Baby, but that doesn't mean he lacks principles. What does Robbie believe in, and how do his beliefs make Baby feel?
  3. What principles do Baby and her father share? What are their differences in beliefs?

Chew on This

As Baby gets involved with Johnny, she learns that her principles mean nothing if they aren't turned into actions.

Johnny's most attracted to Baby not when she follows his direction, but when he sees her stand up for what she believes in.

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