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Dr. No Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • At the Marina, Bond uses a Geiger counter to analyze Strangways' rock samples.
  • They're radioactive.
  • Bond knows he's been misled by Dent.
  • Quarrel refuses to take Bond to Crab Key because he's afraid of the dragon.
  • Yes, the dragon.
  • Leiter says it's a local superstition, and convinces Quarrel to take them to Crab Key later that night.
  • Back at the hotel, Bond has a phone message.
  • Bond reads it, and then gives Miss Taro a buzz.
  • She asks Bond to pick her up at her apartment. No way this could be a trap, right?
  • Bond zips over in his blue Chevy convertible, but soon finds himself pursued around the twisty turns of Jamaica by a black hearse.
  • Bond evades the vehicle, which flies off a cliff and explodes.
  • A bystander asks Bond what happened, and he says, "I think they were on their way to a funeral." Clever.

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