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Dr. Strangelove Fandoms

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Dr. Strangelove fans don't kick it like the Trekkies. We've never heard of massive convention centers being rented just so people can dress up like Maj. Kong and the good doctor, himself. But along with all of Kubrick's films, Dr. Strangelove does have a serious following. Who are the people who we'll most often find geeking out over his Cold War comedy? Easy...the critics.

Film guru Roger Ebert called Dr. Strangelove"arguably the best political satire of the century", and all it takes is a quick search on Rotten Tomatoes to see that the film is 100% critic approved. (OK, it's actually 99% critic approved, but that 1% is probably some guy in his mom's basement.) You know you've officially earned the title "visionary filmmaker" when the critics themselves are your biggest fans.

And even though they're not organized into a club, millions of fans consider the shot of Kong ridin' that missile down to oblivion as the perfect and iconic image of nuclear war.

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