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Dr. Strangelove Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • Everybody's in shock in the War Room.
  • But Strangelove tries to cheer everybody up by explaining how the human race could survive by living at the bottom of mineshafts for hundreds of years.
  • The real highlight for all the guys in the room is that every man would have to mate with around 10 women to help repopulate the Earth. It would be the end of monogamy.
  • Only the most "stimulating" women would be chosen to mate with a select group of men.
  • Sounds pretty fascist.
  • While Strangelove explains his plan for the future, he's struggling with his ornery arm, which seems determined to give a Nazi salute and also to strangle him.
  • Everybody's excitement over the mineshaft plan quickly devolves into concerns that the Russians will dominate in terms of mineshafts.
  • Turgidson declares that they must not allow there to be a "mineshaft gap!"
  • The Russian Ambassador sneakily walks away and takes pictures of the Big Board with a camera disguised as a pocket watch.
  • Miraculously rejuvenated, Dr. Strangelove stands up from his wheel chair and declares, "Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!"

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