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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Miss Daisy calls Boolie and tells him to hurry over.
  • When he arrives at the house, Miss Daisy tells him that Hoke is stealing from her.
  • She found an open can of salmon in the trash can. Cue dramatic music.
  • Boolie tells her she is making a big deal out of a $0.33 can of salmon.
  • But Miss Daisy doesn't want Hoke touching her things.
  • Idella and Hoke arrive while Boolie is still there. He tells Hoke they need to have a little talk.
  • Before the talk, Hoke confesses to eating a can of salmon because the leftover pork chops weren't so hot. And voila, he produces another can to replace it.
  • That settles that. Looks like Hoke can keep his job.

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