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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Miss Daisy is in a panic that they're on the wrong road. She's the one who can read, but she sure can't read a map.
  • They took a wrong turn back in Opelika and have to go back. Now they're running late.
  • Hoke has to "make water," but Daisy won't let him stop.
  • Too bad. Hoke pulls over. When nature calls, a man has to answer.
  • He chastises her for treating him like a child, then he takes the keys and goes into the woods.
  • Alone in the car, Miss Daisy is scared.
  • She hears footsteps. When did Driving Miss Daisy become Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
  • Oh, it's just Hoke. Everything is fine.

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