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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Now it's winter. There's so much snow, it's a shock to see we're still in Georgia.
  • Miss Daisy, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, lights a candle to read by.
  • Don't get that magazine too close to the flame, Daisy.
  • Hoke shows up, much to Daisy's surprise.
  • He says he learned how to drive on ice, and he decided to bring her some donuts.
  • She likes it with her coffee, even though the coffee hasn't been the same since Idella passed.
  • Miss Daisy says "Idella was lucky," but she doesn't elaborate. Lucky for dying quickly instead of getting old and sick, we guess.
  • Hoke makes a fire and stays to keep Miss Daisy company.
  • She says he can eat anything he wants out of the icebox. Whoa. What a change since he ate that can of salmon a few years ago.
  • Boolie calls, and he's shocked to hear his mother say nice things about Hoke.

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