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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • It's 1966, and Boolie has been chosen Man of the Year by the Atlanta Business Council.
  • On the way to taking Miss Daisy to the temple, the car's stuck in traffic, and there's a huge rainstorm.
  • Hoke returns to the car after talking to a policeman, and he tells Miss Daisy she won't make it to Temple that morning.
  • Someone bombed it. (This really happened, except in 1958.)
  • Hoke isn't sure if anyone is hurt. The policeman didn't tell him.
  • Hoke drives Miss Daisy home. She's upset in the backseat.
  • He shares a story with her—the time his childhood friend's daddy was found hanging in a tree.
  • "Flies was all over him," and Hoke threw up.
  • Hoke says it's probably the same kind of folks who bombed the Temple.
  • Miss Daisy cries. She wonders why Hoke told her that story.
  • She says the temple bombing has nothing to do with Hoke's story.
  • She's in denial. She thinks Hoke got it wrong, and that no one bombed the temple. If only she could check Twitter to verify.

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