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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • Boolie visits Miss Daisy, who says she's now nearly 90.
  • She's going to attend a dinner with Martin Luther King, Jr. (That dinner really happened, too.)
  • Boolie won't go because many of his business associates wouldn't approve, and might take their business elsewhere.
  • Boolie suggests that Miss Daisy bring Hoke.
  • She says he wouldn't go, but Boolie tells her to ask him and see.
  • Hoke's in the kitchen trying to read the newspaper.
  • While he's driving her to the dinner, she says that Boolie suggested that Hoke wanted to go to the dinner.
  • But she doesn't exactly ask him if he wants to go.
  • Hoke's offended that Miss Daisy, who had the invitation to the dinner for a month, waited until the night of the dinner to bring this up.
  • Now she's offended that he's offended, and she marches into the ballroom by herself.
  • She sits at a table with an empty seat next to her.
  • Hoke sits in the car and listens to the speech on the radio.
  • Dr. King is talking about all the decent people who sit back and don't do anything about injustice.
  • The camera lingers on Daisy's face as she hears this.

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