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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Miss Daisy's house is for sale.
  • Someone drives Hoke, for a change, up to the house, past the sign that says the house has been sold.
  • The driver is Hoke's granddaughter, who's 37.
  • He walks through the now-empty rooms of the house. Boolie's there.
  • Boolie says it feels weird to sell the house while Mama's still alive.
  • But she hasn't lived there for two years. It seems she's in a home.
  • Hoke says he visits her occasionally, taking a cab to see her.
  • They get in the car, and Boolie takes Hoke to see her. It's a nice place, as far as old folks' homes go.
  • It's Thanksgiving, and Miss Daisy is puttering about with the help of a walker.
  • She doesn't seem to recognize Hoke or her son. She sits at a table with the two men.
  • As Boolie keeps talking, Miss Daisy interrupts: "Hoke came to see me. Not you."
  • She sends Boolie away so she can be alone with Hoke.
  • The two friends chat, and Hoke helps Miss Daisy eat her Thanksgiving pie.
  • She says it's good.
  • As she munches on her pumpkin pie, she thinks of the car, with Hoke in the driver's seat and herself in the back.
  • We all sob.
  • The end.

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