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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • At the Werthan Bag & Cotton Co. one of the workers is stuck in the freight elevator.
  • Boolie tells the secretary to call the elevator repair company.
  • But a man shows up and tells the man in the elevator to just "mash up" on the "doohickey."
  • With that technical advice, the elevator works again.
  • The man introduces himself as Hoke Coburn, and he follows Boolie to his office.
  • It seems he's a driver, and he's interviewing to drive for Daisy.
  • Hoke wonders why Miss Daisy isn't hiring for herself, and Boolie says it's a "difficult situation."
  • He says that Hoke would be working for him, so no matter what Miss Daisy says to Hoke, she can't fire him. That's job security.

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