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Driving Miss Daisy Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Hoke sits in the kitchen, reads the paper, and chats up Idella.
  • Miss Daisy enters, tells Hoke not to talk to Idella, and leaves.
  • With nothing else to do, Hoke dusts a chandelier. Daisy snaps at him. "Who cares if the bulbs are dusty?"
  • That evening, Idella leaves and Daisy tells her to have a good night.
  • Hoke leaves, and Daisy says, "Good."
  • The next day, Hoke's tending to the flowers, and Daisy tells him to "leave my flower bed alone."
  • He suggests she plant a vegetable garden.
  • "If I want a vegetable garden, I'll plant it myself," she says.

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