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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • We open on a static shot of the stars before the camera pans down to reveal a massive spaceship (Nerd alert: This monster is fittingly called a Star Destroyer). A section of its underside opens and a bunch of tiny, shiny orbs shoot out into space.
  • We follow one of these space balls (see what we did there?) as it approaches a large, white planet. It falls through the clouds and lands smack dab in the middle of an icy wasteland.
  • Oh, weird—a strange, bug-looking robot emerges from the wreckage. It floats and has a bunch of little arms hanging from the bottom, kind of like a flying, robot jellyfish.
  • As it flies away, our perspective shifts to an overhead shot. We can't see the weird robot anymore, but do we see some sort of creature running along the icy plain.
  • As the camera moves closer, we see that it's a dude riding some sort of animal, a weird cross between a horse, goat, kangaroo, and camel, or something like that. (Nerd Alert: These guys are called Tauntauns).
  • The rider pulls off his mask (it's cold, ya'll) to reveal himself as none other than Luke Skywalker. You would know this already because you saw the previous film, but if not, a brief soaring musical cue lets us know that this dude is The Hero.
  • As he's sitting there, looking all heroic-like, he spots another robo-jellyfish crashing into the surface. Uh-oh!
  • He peers through his binoculars before contacting his buddy Han on the radio. He tells Han to return to base because they didn't find any life readings (it's a desolate planet), but that he wants to check out this meteorite before heading back.
  • Luke's Tauntaun starts freaking out, but before he can calm it, Luke is smacked clean in the face by some sort of alien Yeti. Ouch. It kills Luke's Tauntaun and starts dragging his unconscious body away.
  • Meanwhile, Han (that's Mr. Solo, to you, buddy) has just arrived at the Rebel's secret HQ. There's a bustle of activity: robots scurrying around, pilots working on their ships, etc.
  • Han approaches his buddy Chewie (a.k.a. Chewbacca, a.k.a. the Hairy Hunk) who's sitting on top of their ship, the Millennium Falcon, and performing maintenance. Chewie grunts incomprehensibly at Han, who seems to be able to understand him perfectly.
  • After passing through the hangar, Han enters what looks like the command center of this whole operation. He's immediately eyed by a pretty lady with a braided hairdo.
  • Han approaches a general and gives him the report—nothing new. La dee da. Skywalker's still not back yet, but Han doesn't think that it's a big deal.
  • There's a problem, though—Han has to leave. Apparently some dude named Jabba placed a bounty on his head, so he needs to go make things right ASAP.
  • The unnamed general gives Han a firm handshake and a few kind words, while braided-hair lady looks at him with annoyance. By the way, if you never saw the first movie, this is Princess Leia.
  • This is confirmed when Han refers to her as "Your Highness." She seems annoyed that he's leaving, which prompts Han to storm out of the room.
  • She rushes after him. Leia tells him that he should stay because the Rebellion needs him, which only makes Han more annoyed—he wants her to admit that she needs him. Leia just acts confused.
  • He storms off again and she follows... again. We're starting to think that Han is on to something. She again claims that she respects him as a leader and a fighter, but that's it, which isn't a good enough answer for our boy.
  • Han then suggests that she's following him because she wants a goodbye kiss, which Leia scoffs at. Get a room already, you too!
  • This time when Han storms off, however, Leia doesn't follow.

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