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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • We now shift to another hallway in the secret base (with a groovy, trademark Star Wars screen wipe) where two robots are strolling. These two are from the first film—the tall, gold humanoid is C-3PO, while the blue-and-white trashcan on wheels is R2-D2.
  • They're having a silly conversation—C-3PO talks in English, while R2-D2 speaks in clicks and beeps. They approach the Falcon, where Han and Chewie are still performing repairs and arguing,
  • C-3PO worriedly tells Han that Princess Leia has been trying to reach him. Han isn't surprised—he deactivated his communicator after their little tiff.
  • There's a serious problem: Luke isn't back yet, and no one knows where he is. Han is concerned and asks a random passerby to confirm the news for him.
  • Han is notified by Mr. Random Passerby that Luke is indeed missing, which prompts him to jump on a Tauntaun and start the search. This is super dangerous, Mr. Random Passerby notes, because it's almost night, which is deadly cold on Hoth.

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