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Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Although Luke gets away scot-free, the Millennium Falcon is pursued by a bunch of Imperial ships. Even worse, there are two Star Destroyers within spitting distance.
  • Han shows off some fancy flying skills, but when he tries to go into Hyperspace (read: really fast speeds) he's met with an error message. Guess they didn't do all of the repairs, huh?
  • They try to fix it up, but no luck. With no other options, Han enters an asteroid field to shake their pursuers—and it works. They decide to lay low inside a large asteroid while they work on repairs.
  • Meanwhile, Luke is nearing Dagobah. As he tries to land, however, he loses control of the ship and crash-lands in a swamp. Whoops.
  • Luke and R2 exit the ship to look around, and a swamp creature tries to eat our robotic buddy. It doesn't seem to like the taste of metal, though.
  • We're now taken back to the Imperial fleet, where an admiral is entering Vader's office. Vader is sitting in a large black pod, as he was when we met him, but this time we see his exposed, human head as his helmet descends from above and clicks into place.
  • The admiral tells him about the whole Millennium Falcon/asteroid field deal, to which Vader responds by basically saying, "Put up or shut up."
  • Han and C-3PO are preparing for repairs when the asteroid abruptly shifts. That can't be good. Then it happens again, this time landing Leia right in Han's arms, which is just charming.
  • Back in Dagobah's swampy wonderland, Luke is setting up a temporary shelter. Just as he's commenting about how familiar everything seems, he hears a voice from behind him...
  • He pulls out his blaster and swings around. It's not what he expected, though: a tiny green creature wearing a robe and carrying a cane. He asks Luke why he's here.
  • The creature talks in silly, backwards English and acts like a loony, which causes Luke to not take him seriously. Still, the creature insists that it can help him find Yoda. Before he can do that, however, it's time for some grub.
  • On the Falcon, Han approaches Leia as she performs repairs. They flirt/fight as usual, but then Leia calls Han a scoundrel, which is apparently a huge turn-on for him. Then—drum roll please—they finally kiss, though it's rudely interrupted by C-3PO.
  • Despite his subordinates' claims, Vader is convinced that the Falcon is still in the asteroid field. He doesn't have too much time to deal with that right now, however, because he has a call with his BFF, the love of his life: the Emperor.
  • A hologram of the Emperor appears—dude wears a creepy robe and is uglier than all get-up. According to him, there's been a "disturbance in the Force" with the arrival of their enemy, Luke Skywalker. Even worse, he's the son of some schmuck named Anakin.
  • For some reason, Vader seems hesitant to kill the kid. Instead, he suggests turning him to the Dark Side. Dum dum dummm.
  • Back on Dagobah (so many scene shifts!), Luke is waiting in the creature's hobbit-sized home as he finishes making dinner.
  • The creature asks Luke why he wants to become a Jedi. Luke says that it's because of his dad, who was a major Jedi back in the day. Oddly, the creature acts like he knows Luke's dad, which causes Luke to throw a hissy fit.
  • Suddenly, the creature sighs and starts speaking into thin air, calling Luke "impatient" and "angry" like his father. What the what?
  • In an even more confusing turn, the voice of Ghosty-Wan Kenobi starts defending Luke, saying that he himself was just like Luke when the creature trained him.
  • Oh wait—this is Yoda.
  • Luke defends himself, but Yoda guffaws—dude's been training Jedi for eight hundred years, so he knows what's up. Despite his resistance, however, Yoda finally agrees to train Luke.

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