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Fargo Scotty (Tony Denman)

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Scotty (Tony Denman)

Played by Tony Denman, Scotty is the accordion-playing son of Jerry Lundegaard (we never actually see him playing accordion, but there's one in his room along with an "Accordion King" poster, featuring some dude who looks like a Swiss yodeler).

He appears to be about middle school or high school age, and his parents won't let him go out for the hockey team, to his consternation, because his grades aren't up to par. He's a little foul-mouthed, too. Naturally, he's pretty sad and worried after his mother gets kidnapped, and his dad tries to comfort him while explaining why they can't go to the police.

Scotty goes out to hang with his friends at McDonald's, which his grandfather thinks is a screen for some sort of devious, anti-social behavior. Overall, he doesn't appear to be such a bad kid though. It's disturbing to watch Jerry lie through his teeth to this terrified kid whose mom has just been kidnapped.

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