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Fargo Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Cut to Carl who's entered an airport parking lot in his car. He stops the car and steals a license plate from another to put on the Ciera.
  • Leaving the lot, the parking lot attendant politely demands that Carl pay for his time in the lot, even though Carl didn't actually park and take a flight. Carl flips out but finally pays up.
  • Jerry goes down to the garage looking for Shep, and someone tells him Shep's talking to a cop.
  • Jerry sees Shep and Marge talking and stares anxiously.
  • Marge is questioning Shep about those phone calls from the alleged killers.
  • Shep tells Marge that he can't remember when Carl and Gaear phoned him.
  • She says that Shep has a long criminal record from the past, and politely suggests that he cooperate if he doesn't want to get sent back to prison.
  • Ya' see, associating with criminals is a violation of his parole.
  • To Jerry's horror, Marge comes to his office next and asks him if a tan Ciera was stolen from his lot recently.
  • Jerry isn't handling this well. He's pretty freaked out.
  • He denies that any cars are missing from the lot, and Marge leaves.
  • Jerry then feverishly tries to get in contact with Shep. No luck.

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