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Fargo Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • At the bar at the Radisson, Marge meets her old high school friend Mike Yanagita.
  • They catch up, but then Mike tries to sit next to Marge in the same booth, with his arm over her shoulder. She asks him to sit back in the other seat across from her.
  • Seeing that he's embarrassed, Marge explains that she just wants to be able to see him without having to turn her head.
  • Mike says he's an engineer working for Honeywell. Pretty super, says Marge.
  • Things quickly get weird. Mike says he's married to a girl named Linda they both knew from high school, but she died of leukemia.
  • He ends up weeping and said he contacted Marge because he was lonely and he's sorry.
  • Marge is understanding.

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