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Fargo Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Carl's at José Feliciano concert with a bored escort.
  • He's having sex with her in a dirty room when Shep bursts in, pulls her off him, and starts whaling on Carl.
  • For good measure, he beats up a guy from across the hall who complains about the noise they're making. The escort runs away screaming.
  • Shep beats Carl with a belt. He's not happy that that the cops are on his tail.
  • Carl calls Jerry and demands the ransom money. Jerry says he'll deliver it now.
  • But Wade listens in on the conversation and runs out with the million dollars (and a gun) to deliver it before Jerry can stop him. Jerry speeds after him.
  • At the parking garage, Wade meets Carl.
  • Carl flips out when he sees that Wade isn't Jerry, and Wade says he won't give Carl the money unless he can see Jean.
  • There's a brief standoff, then Carl shoots Wade multiple times.
  • Wade manages to shoot Carl once in the cheek before he keels over dead.
  • Carl takes the money and drives off, holding rags against his very bloody face.
  • Jerry arrives too late. He finds Wade's body and puts it in his trunk. Then, as he drives out, he's sees that Carl's shot the parking lot attendant, too.
  • That's five bodies so far.
  • Back at home, he lies and tells Scotty that everything's okay.

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