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Fargo Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Back in Brainerd, Officer Olson interviews a man who has a lead on the homicide.
  • The man, Mr. Mohra, says he was tending bar when a funny-looking guy came in and tried to find out where he could find a prostitute.
  • Mohra refused to help him, and then the guy claimed Mohra must think he's a jerk and that the last person who thought he was a jerk ended up dead.
  • Mohra says the man is probably staying out on Moose Lake. He kept saying "I'm going crazy out at the lake."
  • Carl, his bleeding cheek bandaged with a napkin, drives down the highway, then removes and counts some of the bills from the suitcase.
  • He buries the remainder in the snow near a fence off the side of the road.
  • We get a shot of an infinite stretch of white sameness along the road.
  • Taking that in, Carl marks the place with a small windshield scraper he sticks in the snow.
  • Brilliant.

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