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Fargo Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • At her hotel room in Minneapolis, Marge is talking to an old classmate who tells her that Mike Yanagita's supposed wife, Linda, isn't really dead, and that Mike was never even married to her. In fact, he was just stalking her.
  • He's actually been suffering from psychiatric problems and living with his parents.
  • Marge is pretty surprised.
  • Before leaving town, Marge goes back to Jerry's office. He tries to say he's too busy, but she says she'll just need a minute.
  • Marge asks if Jerry's sure he hasn't had a Ciera stolen from his lot.
  • Jerry claims he hasn't, but refuses to say how he knows this, or if he's done any inventory.
  • Marge pushes gently. When Jerry gets angry, she just looks at him and says he has no right to get "snippy" with her.
  • She's on to him.
  • He's getting more and more defensive. Clearly, he has no idea what to do.
  • When Marge persists, Jerry finally storms out saying he'll do a lot count and make sure they have all the cars.
  • But wait! Marge sees Jerry fleeing the dealership, implicating himself in the scheme. She's shocked and gets ready to call the local cops.

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