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Fargo Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • We're back with Carl and Gaear at their hideout by the lake.
  • Gaear's watching a soap opera and has murdered Jean for being "too noisy."
  • Carl doesn't even seem to notice, but he ends up arguing with Gaear.
  • Gaear insists on splitting the Ciera, with one of them paying the other for half of it in exchange for keeping the whole car.
  • Carl flips out and rants at Gaear, saying this is ridiculous and that he (Carl) has been shot in the face and done all this extra work. He's not splitting nothing.
  • Carl storms out of the cabin. Gaear immediately follows him and murders him with an ax.
  • Marge is driving around Moose Lake where the bartender, Mr. Mohra, said the guy who threatened him was probably staying.
  • She's chatting with one of the officers over the radio when she spots the Ciera parked at a cabin.
  • She parks the cruiser and investigates, discovering Gaear in the gruesome process of packing Carl's body into a wood chipper.
  • She's wide-eyed but not deterred.
  • He sees her, throws a block of wood at her, and takes off across the frozen lake.
  • Marge shoots and wounds him in the leg. She arrests him and drives him back to the station in her police car.
  • She tries to talk to him about how there's more to life than just money.
  • She just doesn't understand why people do these things.
  • If Gaear is having a reaction to all this, he isn't letting on.
  • He gazes out the window as they pass the statue of Paul Bunyan with his ax.
  • We see some police officers outside a motel where Jerry is staying. After Jerry fails to come to the door, they bust in and arrest him as he yells and struggles to get free.
  • Game over.

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