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Fargo Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Arriving back home in Minneapolis, Jerry greets his wife, son Scotty, and father-in-law Wade, who's watching college hockey on TV.
  • They eat dinner, and Scotty leaves to go to McDonalds with his friends.
  • Wade warns Jean about McDonalds. Who knows what the kids do there? (Um. They eat burgers.)
  • Jean reassures him that he's just going to meet some friends.
  • Jerry discusses a real estate deal with Wade. He wants to convince him to loan him $750,000 to buy forty acres to build a parking lot, but Wade's not interested.
  • We're back in the Ciera with Carl and Gaear, who are arguing about whether to stop for pancakes for lunch after having had pancakes for breakfast.
  • The obvious answer is that you can never have too many pancakes, but…
  • … Carl doesn't want pancakes and says he knows a place where they can hook up with some prostitutes.
  • At his office in Wade's car dealership, Jerry's dealing with an customer who's mad —Jerry apparently told them he could get them a cheaper car without sealant on it.
  • Now the car's here with the sealant and the customer won't pay.
  • Jerry can't placate the customer, and the customer calls Jerry a liar.
  • The customer eventually agrees to pay for the car even though Jerry obviously pulled one over on him.
  • Meanwhile, Carl and Gaear are having sex with two women at a motel in different beds in the same room.
  • Afterwards, they lie in bed and watch "The Tonight Show."

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