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Fargo Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Back home, Jerry and Jean discuss Scotty's poor academic performance.
  • Wade calls and tells Jerry that he and his advisor have looked the real-estate deal over and that they're interested.
  • Jerry goes to see Shep Proudfoot in the garage and tries to get Carl and Gaear's number from Shep.
  • He's thinking he can call off the kidnapping thanks to the possible real-estate deal, but Shep doesn't know how to get in touch with them.
  • Uh-oh.
  • Meanwhile, Gaear and Carl are approaching Minneapolis. Carl's annoyed at Gaear for being so quiet.
  • (Fun fact: Gaear has eighteen lines in the whole film.)
  • Back in his office, Jerry speaks with a man from GMAC who says he can't read the serial numbers on the form Jerry sent him for cars that Jerry borrowed money for.
  • He needs to be sure that the cars actually exist. Ha ha.
  • Jerry says they exist, all right, and he'll send him a new copy. He looks worried.
  • At the Lundegaard home, Jean's watching TV. Lots of TV watching in this movie.
  • Suddenly, Carl and Gaear break into the house and chase her. She manages to bite Gaear on the hand as he grabs her.
  • Carl and Gaear can't find her, but it turns out she's hiding in the shower.
  • As she tries to run away, she ends up crashing down the stairs covered in a shower curtain and knocks herself unconscious.
  • At Wade's office, he and his advisor Stan Grossman meet with Jerry about the real estate deal. To Jerry's dismay, it turns out that they want to give him a "finder's fee" instead of loaning him money to get in on the deal itself.
  • Wade explains why it's crazy to loan Jerry all that money.
  • Jerry goes back to his car and has a minor tantrum
  • He drives home to discover that his wife's been kidnapped, just as he planned.
  • The house is empty, some windows are broken, and there's a shower curtain on the floor.

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