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Fargo Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • We hear Jerry at home, telling Wade on the phone that Jean's been kidnapped.
  • Oops, not really. He's just rehearsing the lines so he can sound appropriately upset.
  • He finally calls Wade's office and asks to speak with Wade in a calm, normal voice.
  • At night, Carl and Gaear are driving long a road near Brainerd MN, with Jean tied up in a bag on the backseat. She's makes noises until Carl threatens to shoot her.
  • A state trooper pulls them over, since Carl forgot to put tags on the car. Carl tries to bribe the cop, which makes him suspicious.
  • The cop notices Jean in the backseat and Gaear suddenly shoots him in the head.
  • Carl's really unsettled by this turn of events. Gaear tells him to get the trooper's body off the road.
  • While Carl's dragging the cop's body, two unlucky people drive by in a car. Gaear commandeers the wheel, peels off, and chases them down.
  • After their car flips off the road, he shoots them both.
  • Things are clearly getting way out of hand.

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