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Fargo Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • A woman and a man are both sound asleep in bed. The phone rings and the woman answers it.
  • After receiving some disturbing news, she tells the caller she'll "be there in a jif."
  • It turns out she's Marge Gunderson, the chief of police in Brainerd, Minnesota, and she's been called to the scene of a triple-homicide.
  • She's also very pregnant. Her sleepy husband Norm insists on making her a hot breakfast before she leaves.
  • Aww, shucks. That's sweet.
  • Marge gets to the crime scene. She and Lou (one of her officers) inspect the scene and Marge quickly figures out the basics of what happened.
  • Marge briefly gets an attack of morning sickness and then recovers, hungry for more breakfast.
  • She makes some observations about the probable nature of the criminals, and says she also wants to pick up some worms (probably as fishing bait) for her husband on the way back.
  • She's pretty calm about the whole situation.
  • They go to look at the trooper's car and Marge makes some more deductions about what happened.
  • Lou says he identified part of the license plate numbers and the model of the car (a tan Ciera) from a note the dead trooper made.
  • He said the plate started with DLR, so he has the state police looking for a car with a license plate like that.
  • Marge points out to the clueless Lou that the license plate was probably a dealership plate—"DLR" for "dealer."
  • When she sees that Lou's embarrassed, she tells him a joke to change the subject.

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