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Fargo Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • At a restaurant, Jerry, Wade, and Stan are discussing the kidnapping.
  • Jerry tries to explain that the kidnappers only want to speak with him, even though Wade's the one who's putting up the money.
  • Jerry says they want a million dollars, which is much more than he actually told Carl and Gaear to ask for, indicating he plans on keeping most of that money for himself.
  • Wade wants to call the cops for help, but Jerry and Stan argue against this.
  • Outside, Stan tells Jerry that they'll get the money together.
  • Stan asks how Jerry's son is doing; Jerry had forgotten about him.
  • At home, Jerry comforts his weeping son, Scotty. He tells them they'll get his mom back, but he needs to keep it secret for now so the kidnappers don't hurt her.

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