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Fargo Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Carl and Gaear arrive at a lakeside cabin with Jean. She tries to run away, but is hooded and bound, so she just ends up falling over in the snow.
  • Carl finds it pretty funny and watches her stumble around for a while.
  • At the Brainerd Police Station, Marge meets up with Norm, who's brought her some Arby's for lunch.
  • She gives him the bag of night crawlers she bought. Norm looks appreciatively at the worms then chows down. (On the Arby's, not the worms.)
  • They talk about a painting contest Norm is entering.
  • Lou tells Marge that the Ciera the bad guys were using was seen at a motel, the Blue Ox, where they apparently "had company." Marge says it's a great lead.
  • Marge interviews the two sex workers who slept with Carl and Gaear.
  • The two women aren't much help at first—just saying that Carl was "funny looking" and that Gaear looked "like the Marlboro Man."
  • But they tell Marge the two men were headed to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), which is useful info.
  • Back at Carl and Gaear's lakeside hideout, Carl is flipping out at their lousy, snowy TV.

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